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Welcome to Avenge! Where we put you in control...
Welcome to Avenge!  Avenge is a multi-role guild, in other words, we do not want to define ourselves solely as an RP, Raiding or PvP guild, but rather a multi-role guild.  The guild is setup into four main departments.  These departments include; Role Play, Recruiting, Missions & PvP.  Each department will have its own leader(s) and will be ultimately overseen by our two Founders, Sevyn and Lakita.  We believe by creating Avenge in this fashion it will help open new doors for players who may not normally join a single role guild.

About the player of Sevyn...
Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I am Sevyn, and I'm glad to meet each and everyone of you.  I have been playing MMO's now since 2005.  I began in a game called Project Entropia, this was a game that was completely free to download and play, however, everything you did would cost money... real money, as it was a real cash economy.  I played it for just under a year, got scammed and left.  Next I moved on to EverQuest 2... finally only $15 a month and nothing else to buy... right?  Well in the beginning that's the way it was.  Anyway, I played EQ2 hardcore from 2006-2009 then canceled and re-joined up until Rift.  I also tried out a few others during my less hardcore EQ2 times which included; Aion, City of Heros, Star-Trek Online & Tabula Rasa, which by the way was awesome in my opinion.  As far as play-style for myself, I would fit right into the RP department.  I believe what addicted me to EQ2 was the people and the RP. With that said, there's always been a part of me wanting to try some raiding/PvP.  I suppose after seeing "those people" (raiders) play and the gear they had, I felt intimidated by them.  So my main reason for creating Avenge is to bring all of these play-styles together in one guild for anyone who may have felt the same about trying something new.  ~Sevyn
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